"Ever Think About Day-Trading?"

My name is Bob Manna.  I’m a chiropractor in Georgia.

A few years ago, I took Dr. Rick Warner’s Stock and Option Course.  I did well, and realized how it would change my life.

After a while, I took Dr. Warner’s day-trading seminar.  It was a three day intensive course in Tampa.  It’s two day “classroom” and then one day trading the actual markets lives.

From there, we continued our training in the online day-trading “room” (a.k.a. “the room”) where we talk over microphones in real time..   In “the room” Rick’s day-trade students meet and learn from Rick, exchange ideas, and alert each other of potential trades we see.

         Click to watch short video about day-trading

Unlike the Stock and Options Class where we may have to wait days, weeks, or months for a trade, there are usually several set-ups ever day in day-trading.

We use scanners to find stocks setting up for a good trade, or we may just find them visually.

To day trade effectively, you need at least a morning or two free. 

Day trading takes still, and emotional control.  It can be extremely lucrative and exciting.

Call me if you have questions, or email me.