Free Good Advice about Advertising
Our goal has always been to help you create effective ads that are truthful, and won't get you in trouble.

So, here's a quick free guide to help (by no means, should this be considered all-inclusive, or "legal advice").

1. Have an eye-catching headline that makes people want to read further.

2. The purpose of every sentence in your ad should be to cause the reader to want to read the next sentence.

3. Use effective emotion.

4. Talk about the benefits of your service.

5. If you are permitted, have a "call to action" and offer something of value.

6. Always be truthful.

7. Never claim to be professionally superior.

8. Never promise a cure.

9. Don't talk about conditions outside of your scope of practice.

10.Know you regulations and abide by them.

11.Visualize the most bored person in the world, sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, watching TV.  Will your ad be interesting enough to make that guy read?

12. Don't use big words.

13. Don't "wing-it."  A great deal of money is wasted on ineffective advertising.  Know what you are doing, or get the help of someone with a proven track record in advertising (not the ad salesperson at the newspaper).