Killer Ads IV...
(an exclusive program for existing clients)
To My Existing Clients,

You guys asked for it, and you got it! But, now, you'll have to act fast!

Here's the deal. Please read this notice very carefully.

I am constantly studying new methods, watching the condition of the market, and learning from the thousands of client results and experiences, and thus...

I have been working on a Killer Ads IV package for over a year now.

With Killer Ads, my purpose has always been to "get the message out" so that chiropractic becomes a household word. To that end, I didn't create Killer Ads to make some doctors rich, while disallowing others to get that all-important message out. My previous programs have always been sold to all who wanted them (with the exception of the few who published my copyrighted material without permission, and then were caught).

The biggest complaint on Killer Ads has been that they work so well that other doctors are now using them.

I recognize that some doctors would like to have ads that are "just for them" in their area. That's very understandable.

So, what to do?

The solution I created is Killer Ads IV. These new exclusive copyrighted ads will be sold on a "first come-first served" basis to owners of the original Killer Ads package. Unlike other packages, these ads (in the Killer Ads IV package) will be exclusive.

Some will be inserts.
Some will be "radical."
Some will be funny.
Some will be based on research studies.
All will be based on tested advertising methods.

The following is important...

If you are a registered owner of Killer Ads already, you will NOT (of course) be prohibited from continuing to use those ads from your office.

But, remember, these NEW ADS (in Killer Ads IV) will be an EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM, and only one doctor for each three-zip-code-area (i.e. your office zip, and two adjoining zips) will be sold the program!

A first come-first served Killer Ads client will be able to choose the zip code where his office is located, and two adjoining zip codes. Only one office will be sold the rights to that zip code.

I realize that no program with exclusivity is perfect, but this will help diminish problems with more than one doctor having the same headlines for their ads in the same area.

Again, please understand that no exclusive program can be perfect.

The price for the program is $287.

Ownership of Killer Ads IV will allow the owner to use the copyrighted material for eighteen months.

A client will be able to renew that at $100 per year after that. If one chooses not to renew, the package may be sold to another after his/her exclusivity ends. So, the limited use rights will end after 18 months if not renewed.

Again, this exclusivity will only apply to the Killer Ads IV program, not previous programs.


If you would like to order, I'll need a signed User Agreement faxed (706-233-9510), snail-mailed (Killer Ads, Inc. 310 Shorter Avenue, Rome, GA, USA 30165), or e-mailed (

We'll need your name, as recorded when you bought Killer Ads I, your office zip code, and two adjoining zip codes (no cheating, because I have a program that can tell). If your area is not taken, you will be sent the package. This time, the ads are on CD-ROM.