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Writing and Reviews

So, you're a crumby writer?

Our programs teach you everything you need to know, and modifying one of our template ads is a snap.  But, some clients prefer that we do the writing, or review their ads.  After all, we've done thousands, and we know every trick in the book.

We offer both of these services for a reasonable fee. The information about these services is found in your manuals; but if you have questions, write me at killerad@bellsouth.net

Click to download the Killer Ad Questionnaire so we can write your ad for you, based on your information. 

Help with your product?

Need to effectively advertise a product or service to the profession?  Dr. Manna will help increase your return on investment and get the word out.  References for this service are available. Let me know what project you have going.  Write me at killerad@bellsouth.net

Need a Fair and Reliable Merchant Credit Card Account for Your Practice?

My friends Steve and Jolie Pavent from A1Best Company specialize in chiropractic practices.  They can set you up with a merchant account, or check verification services. 

They won't charge you ridiculous hidden B.S. fees that others often do.  This is important!  Some merchants pay up to 8% on all the charges put through their merchant accounts.  That's a crime!

Give Steve, Jolie, or their staff a call at 727-490-2240 Ext. 166 (or email him at spavent@takepayments.net) and tell them that you heard about them from me; they'll treat you fairly. They can analyze one of your merchant statements and tell you how much they can save you! You can fax a statement to Steve or Jolie at 1-888-447-1828 (make sure you phone number is on the statement and write "please compare your fees to these."

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