The Killer Ads Story...

It was the winter of 1999, and I wasn’t doing well in practice.

In fact, I was worried about going under.

I started a practice in a town where I didn't know a soul.  And, it was 54 miles from where I lived.

To say the least, I was pretty darn scared.  I didn't really want to travel up to the town to do spinal screenings on the weekends.  What were my options?

I didn’t know.

I thought about advertising, but others always told me that “advertising doesn’t work in chiropractic.”   That really puzzled me. 

Here's why...

Advertising has helped create great businesses from selling fruit, to selling expensive cars.  Why wouldn't it work for chiropractic?

I began to study advertising like my life depended on it, because it actually did.  I read book after book, concentrating mostly on works by great advertisers.  Many of these copywriters had already passed on long ago. 

I studied Ogilvy, Hopkins, Levinson, Kennedy, Nicholas, Godwin, Corbet, Hubbert, and Williams.  The major thing I learned was that chiropractors had been advertising all wrong for decades.  No wonder they said, "Advertising doesn't work."

The fact is that only
bad advertising doesn’t work, and 99% of chiropractic ads stink.  It’s not something that we're taught in school.

I realized that our potential patients have a certain set of fears. They are, just to name a few…

    * The fear of the unknown.
    * The fear that they won’t be helped.
    * The fear of getting hurt doing a procedure.
    * The fear that the new doctor may not listen to         them.
    * The fear that the new doctor will be too             expensive.
    * The fear that there will be "hidden" fees.
    * The fear of being "ripped-off."
    * The fear that they will "have to go forever."
    * The fear that the new doctor may not care about       them.
    * The fear of being treated badly like they             have been in other health professionals’             offices.
    * The fear that they will not understand                 their care.
    * The fear that the doctor may not be skilled.
    * The fear that the new doctor is a "quack."

With all that in mind, I wrote my first ad after months of research.  My first Killer Ad, "Why Do I Use this Photo in My Ad?" worked like a charm. It got me 47 new patients. I was astounded, but felt that maybe it was “a fluke.”

It wasn’t.  My ads continued to be so effective for me that I lent them to a few pals to try.

They also had great success with them. I kept doing my homework, and created more ads that followed the tested secrets of advertising.

I copyrighted ads, and started marketing them to the profession.  When I started the business, a friend taught me to give people more than they expect. I try my best to follow that advice. When someone buys one of my programs, I’m here to help them.  I spend half my time helping clients, the other half practicing, and the other half on my north Georgia farm (I was never good at math).

Killer Ads grew very fast, and I found tremendous joy in helping my colleagues. The ads were pulling doctors out of some very deep holes. One fellow in particular was my incentive to push forward and make the program even better. He was literally on the verge of losing it all, and his practice was pitiful. After using my ads, and getting some coaching, he now collects between $65,000 to $90,000 a month, all cash. Not bad.

Another guy wrote me that he was actually destitute, and he and his family were living in a relative's basement, dependent on the generosity of others to keep going. Killer Ads got him to 60 patients a day in a few short weeks, and he is a proud doctor again.

His story is not unique. In fact, my assistant, Kellie, keeps a huge testimonial file from doctors all around the world. These are people who wanted to tell us how Killer Ads helped them transform their lives. Many were literally ready to give it all up before the Killer Ads program.

Since the beginning, the fee for the Killer Ads program has been low. I've been called a "fool" by one of the most well known consultants for doing this. In a way, they're right. But, we have a mission. We want to get as many people to honest professionals as we can, so that they (both patient and doctor) can benefit. We could triple our fee, and get it, because the value is there.

With few exceptions, the professionals who have invested in my program have been the best. They refer their pals, they give us unsolicited testimonials; and they send us gifts ($100 bills, ribs, trips on sailboats, and beautiful letters).

These people protect my copyrights from the unscrupulous; they expect others to be honest with me.  And, we have developed a way of stopping that legally, immediately, and forever.

The consultants who refer their clients to me have also been great. I remember the time I did a taping with a well-know chiropractic/dental consultant. When I was leaving, we shook hands, and I thanked him. He said, "No, thank you, I can't tell you how much you've helped my doctors."

Killer Ads has been around since 1999. It is the most successful program of it's kind. And, we back it up, 100%. When you have a question, Kellie or I will help you with it. We are in the trenches, every day, not only with practice, but also helping doctors using the Killer Ads program.

Of all the doctors who've bought the Killer Ads program, only a few have returned it. On rare occasions, when doctors tell me about poor results and show me their ads, almost invariably they have not followed the rules I laid out for them.

There are a few guys out there that did follow the rules, and did poorly. But, those people are very, very, very few. That's why our return rate is amazingly low.  I do not know of any other program of its kind that enjoys that kind of success.

So, when you consider a program to help you in your marketing, we want you to know where we "come from." We want you to know that we've done, and we'll continue to do, our best for you. We want you to know that we'll give you, as my friend said, "more than you expect."

Look, you don’t have to buy my program.  There are others out there.  Let me describe a few…

Some are just rip-off's of mine, charging far more than I do (one guy, a non-professional, “borrowed” my program from his friend, and then went into the “marketing business”…using some of my stuff almost verbatim).  Another client actually included my ad in a program of "his." His lawyer denied it, but agreed to stop (gee, why would he do that if he wasn't cheating me?).

There are programs out there that can teach you “direct response marketing.”   That’s not what I do (although I’ve studied this type of marketing myself).  Direct response marketing has worked for some in some areas, and I’m sure there’s happy clients (as well as disappointed ones). But, it is time consuming, and labor intensive (for you, or for your staff).  And, in my opinion, it isn’t nearly as honest as my method.  These programs call for small ads to be placed in the paper, where prospects are asked to call an 800 number for a free report.  The prospect may call the number, and may leave his name and address.  The doctor then collects the information, and mails the prospect a free report.  In most cases, this is when the prospect finds out that he actually responded to an ad for your practice.  The free report offers the prospect a free or discounted service in your office.  Some of those make appointments.  Some of those come in.  And some of those start care.  And, some of those follow through with care.  If this is what you are looking for, I’m not your guy.

Some programs have you do infomercials for your practice.  I know of some that have done well like this.  If you are looking for that, just call me, and I’ll direct you to an honest guy who does this.

My program consists of honest, from-the-heart advertising that builds rapport between you and the prospective patient.  Often they come in thanking you for being “honest and forthright” in your ad.  They often become your best patients.

Maybe you think that you have a big enough practice, and that’s fine.  But, some doctors with nice practices are often looking for 5-50 more new patients a month.  Think about it.  Maybe only five more new patients a month can send your daughter or son to college!

Maybe you think it won’t work at all.  That has happened!  But, almost invariably it happened when a doctor bought my program and did it "his way."  After seven years of helping thousands and thousands of doctors, I’ve had very few who have followed my instructions and failed.

Consider that many of my Killer Ads doctors have gotten a DOZEN new patients in ONE DAY, and up to 202 new patients from one ad! Many have doubled their practices in one month’s time after employing the ads.

The number one reason that my KILLER ADS work so well is because they build RAPPORT with potential practice members before they even walk in your office. The second reason is that they are almost impossible NOT to read, because they peak the interest of all, not just people who are suffering with symptoms.


Robert J. Manna, D.C.

P.S. You are always welcome to call us at 706-233-9000 if you have questions.

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