"Dr. Rick Warner's Stock and Options Trading System..."

 "How I Turned $8K into $1.3 Million..."

(in just three short years)

And, that was just the beginning...

Now I teach others my same techniques... 


Land-O-Lakes, FL

Thursday, 10:15 a.m.



Dear friend,


The other day, I closed out a trade in the stock market that made 137% in just two days. 



To use round numbers, that means a $10,000 investment turned into $20,370 (in just two days).


It may sound like I’m bragging, but with years of trades like that, I don’t have to work another day in my life.  My family is very well provided for. My son, who I taught my wealth techniques at 13, is on track to reach his goal of being a millionaire at age 16.


My investment accounts keep growing, and I don’t even have a real “job.”


Needless to say, I’m enjoying life.  I have a lot of hobbies… from owning and flying airplanes to sports cars.  And, best of all, I have time to spend time with my family.  I’m happy and blessed, and I don’t worry about money.


But, here’s the thing…


Although I’m a second generation chiropractor, I didn’t become financially independent in that profession.  Let’s face it… not many people actually become wealthy at their “real jobs.” I was only able to get rich when I took charge of my financial future.  It was, and still is, totally up to me. 



My name is Dr. Rick Warner.  Fifteen years ago I gave my full-service stock broker a check for $150,000 to invest for me.  A year later he gave me a check back for $100,000.  Not only did that loss sting, but somehow it fascinated me.  That’s when I began to study trading on my own. I figured if the broker could lose that big with my money, somehow the opposite could be true.  I reasoned that it must be possible to profit massively.


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After a faulty start and a bunch of losses, I was fortunate enough to meet and became friendly with a Noble Peace prize winning economist.  Lucky for me, he mentored me in my trading.   With his guidance, I was able to develop a repeatable stock trading system that turned $8,000 into $1,300,000 in three years.  And, that was just the beginning.


A System on “Auto-Pilot”


Ten years ago, I sold my chiropractic practice and began devoting myself to perfecting my stock trading system.   Although I still love my profession and miss helping people with their health, I find a great deal of satisfaction helping people with their wealth. 


These days, I’m very happy with my lifestyle. In fact, it couldn’t be better.   I wake up in the morning, have breakfast, read the paper, and go for a jog. 


Sometime after that, I sit down at my computer and check my stock positions.  I may answer a few emails from my students then take my son Austin to school. 


On the way back, I may stop at the airstrip (our house actually backs up to the runway) and talk with the other pilots.  Sometimes I’ll take my plane for a short flight over the Gulf of Mexico.  I like to see what the fishermen are doing, spot pods of dolphins, and I love the way the light reflects off the water that time of day.  Or, I’ll fly to see a friend in another part of Florida.  Basically, I’ll take any excuse to go flying!



For lunch, I may meet my wife at a local restaurant.  On the way home, I may take a call from one of my students.  Believe it or not, despite the many hundreds who I’ve taught and still mentor, my cell phone isn’t ringing off the hook.  That’s because my system is very simple and easy to comprehend.  Like I’ve said, I taught my son when he was only 13.


A few times a week, an alert comes over my I-phone telling me that one of my trades has just closed out for big profit.  Sometimes I double my money in a trade I placed only a few days ago.  I often do even better than that. 

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I have all my trades set on “auto-pilot.”   I don’t need to be in front of my computer to profit from a stock trade.  And, that’s just the way I like it because I don’t like to feel that I have a “job”.  I profit when I’m out doing things I love to do, automatically.


I usually spend the afternoons reading or working on other business ventures that I have going.


So, I don’t have the normal stresses that most “working” folks have.  I’m not lazy by any means, but I’m in control of my life because I know how to create wealth in the market. I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck, and I don’t really have pressing obligations.


And, one thing is for sure.  I don’t worry about losing money.  Oh, it can happen but, my losses are automatically cut very short.  My winning trades on the other hand… I let them continue to grow.



There’s a Fortune Hidden in the

Powers of Observation


I’ve always been an acute observer of things.  My wife says I never miss a thing.  And maybe that’s how this all started.  I studied hard and closely observed why some stocks took off like a rocket, and why most didn’t.  Back then, I usually had my head buried in a financial newspaper.


When I finally pieced my system together from all those observations, it really started to take off.  My own broker asked me what I was doing (the guy who lost all that money for me).  Like most professional brokers, he only recommended stocks that his main office told him to recommend.  That was the extent of his “strategy”.  Ironically, I taught my stock broker my checklist strategy for trading stocks. And, guess what?  He became wealthy and we’re good friends even today (despite the fact that he lost that $50,000!). 


A few years after perfecting my trading system, I banked four times as much money as my dad had socked away in his entire career. And, my dad was no slouch; he was a very successful chiropractor! One of the happiest times in my life was teaching my dad my system.  As a result, he became a rich man. 


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So, by now you’re probably thinking I must have “insider information” or some other trick.  No, that’s not how it’s done.


I’m became a very successful trader by applying to the stock market what I learned as a pilot.  Pilots go through structured “checklists” every time they fly.  From take offs, to landings, to emergency procedures... there’s always a checklist.  The checklist system is how “Sully” Sullenberger was able to land an A320 Airbus on the Hudson River with hardly a scratch.  Checklists are the backbone of safety.  They remove the doubt, guessing, and emotion.  



Should You Be Trading Stocks?


It’s not my job to tell anyone whether or not they should be trading stocks.  That’s a personal decision.  But, what I can tell you is it’s not as hard or as risky as you may have been led to believe.  It is only risky if you don’t know what you are doing.  It’s not rocket science at all.  You just have to have a system that works.


In my system, there’s no luck involved. My system eliminates at least 93% of the risk. If you follow my system, you’ll never be wiped out like so many were in the “Great Recession of 2008”.  And, you won’t be crushed in the next recession either. And believe me, the next one is coming.



Another thing, investing in stocks is “liquid.”  That’s means if you suddenly need your money for something else; you press a button and convert your money to cash.  Now, try that if you’re invested in real estate.  I knew one fellow that owned 3.5 million dollars worth of Florida real estate.  When he wanted to retire, it took him almost a year to sell those houses. And, that was when real estate values were dropping like a stone.  He lost a ton of money while he was fighting to get out. He eventually became a student of mine, and was amazed at how liquid stock investing is.  And, he was amazed at how fast a good trader can make money.


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My system won’t take up a lot of your time.  In fact, if you have just ten minutes a day on weekdays, and twenty minutes on the weekends to dedicate to the system, that’s enough.  The system doesn’t even require that the market be open when you are doing your planning.


To follow the system properly, you also need to be able to check your emotions at the door.  In fact, most trading mistakes occur because of unchecked emotions.  If you have the temperament to do what the system tells you, and not let your emotions override the checklist, than you ought to consider investing in my system. 



When to Buy or When to Sell?


The age-old question in stock market trading is “when do I buy, and when do I sell?” 


Take a look at this chart of Apple Computer (AAPL).  How would you know when to buy and when to sell?  That’s the key to becoming a multi-millionaire or not.


Obviously, if you bought AAPL (just like any other stock) at the wrong places you’d lose.  And, if you didn’t limit your losses like I teach, you’d lose big time, too.  But, if you had a checklist system that told you when to buy and when to sell, you would have more than doubled your money in six months!  Not only that, but my system employs methods to vastly multiply your gains while limiting any losses.  In fact, when AAPL went from $80 to $200, you could have made 10 times your money or more.  It’s all about the secrets of leveraging your trades.



The Unique Checklist System


The checklist system is how I look at trading.  I never trade on “gut”, “hot tips”, or emotion.  They have no place in my trading toolbox.  It’s all about applying my time-tested checklists. 


Uncovering the right stocks to trade takes a checklist, too.  Despite there being tens of thousands of stocks we use a twenty-minute method that qualifies only the ones most likely to take off.  If a stock doesn’t fit the criteria, we don’t trade it.  It’s as simple as that.  The ones that do fit the protocol go through even a second checklist before they are considered for trading.


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Like I said, it’s not rocket science.  Trading can be a terrific second stream of income with virtually no overhead ($1 a trade), no employees, and no commuting.


And, trust me on this.  I’m not a “math” genius. If you made it through school, you definitely have the smarts to repeat my system. 



Can You Create Massive Wealth Like I Do?


In years of teaching students my system, I found something to be true over and over again.  The ones that create massive wealth have followed the system. 


Can I guarantee you the same results as me?  Absolutely not.  But, I regularly have students that make better trades than me!  Often, the ones that don’t do as well have attempted to shortcut the system, or tried to “reinvent the wheel.”


What I can guarantee you is that I’ll teach you the secrets of how I create wealth week after week, year after year in the stock market.  I can teach you to never again suffer a 50% loss in your accounts as so many did recently.  Do you realize how many trillions of dollars of wealth was destroyed in the last few years because people didn’t know how to trade?  90% of the folks I talk to had their retirement portfolios decimated in 2008.  That breaks my heart!  But, listen to this…


I made close to 80% in my account in 2008.  Am I a genius?  Hardly.  Am I disciplined, skilled, and always relying on my checklist?   Yes.  When a recession is looming, a good trader knows that he will actually make a killing in the market.  I can even teach you how to create massive wealth when the next recession comes.


So, instead of being scared and “hoping” everything will magically fall into place for you, I suggest that you take charge. It’s your future, and you don’t want to have to trudge into the office in your Golden Years to make ends meet (and don’t fool yourself that Social Security will take care of you). 


In any market, on any day, there are huge opportunities.  You just have to know the skills to find the right stocks and trade the opportunities that reveal themselves with the help of my checklists.  To do it right and make massive wealth you need skills, a checklist, discipline, and a mentor.   



Why Don’t Managers at Mutual Fund Companies

or Your Broker Make Huge Returns?


You may have asked yourself the question, “Why don’t the managers at mutual fund companies or my full service broker make huge returns?” Good question.  And here’s the answer. 


Mutual fund managers are restrained by the plethora of SEC rules that inhibit their ability to trade profitably.  They may uncover a great stock, but can only buy a small amount of it to comply with SEC regulations. 


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In my system, you won’t be restrained by the regulations mutual fund investors are.  You can buy and sell as you please. 


Remember the story about my original stock broker?  Your financial advisor or your broker may have no training in a system to trade stocks for profit.  Most of their training deals with SEC regulations.  The stocks they recommend are typically the stocks that their home office tells them to recommend. 



Can I Learn the Checklist System Elsewhere?


I know of no other place where my checklist system is taught.  My system is result of thousands of hours of research and “hard knocks” on my part.  It also uses parts some protocols I learned from that old friend (the Noble Peace Prize Winner in Economics). 


You could buy every book Amazon sells on trading and talk to every top trader in the world.  And, maybe, after all that you’d develop a system for yourself.  Maybe.  Or you could use your time and money more wisely and invest in my system and start trading for massive profits right away.





Why My System is Perfectly

Suited for Working People


I started out trading stocks in the same way most of my students do.  I was a full time doctor with a busy practice.  So, I didn’t have the time to sit in front of a computer screen watching the ups and downs of stocks (well, to be honest, computers were pretty archaic then).


Working people don’t have the time to manage stock trades while they should be focusing on their business.  So, having a full time practice back then forced me to develop a system that didn’t take time away from my patients.  The system I created is an EOD system (End of Day system). That means that sometime after work (or before 9:30 am EST)you’ll need only ten minutes to focus on the system.  That’s it.  If you don’t have the time or diligence to do that, then my system is not for you. 


My system requires no employees, and virtually no overhead.  If you have a computer with an internet connection (or access to one), then you’re all set.



Why I Continue to Teach


Obviously, I don’t need to keep teaching my system to make money. 


But, it’s the helping doctor in me that still drives me.  I have a passion to help people improve their lives by learning how to create massive wealth. It’s my goal to help you get to the point where no matter what happens in our crazy economy (and it’s getting crazier every day), you and your family can become wealthy and thrive.


Look, you and I don’t work for Uncle Sam.  There won’t be fat government retirement checks showing up in our mailboxes in our retirement.


It’s totally up to us to take charge.



Here’s what’s covered in my courses/seminars:




  • My specific stock and options trading techniques.
  • The critical and essential mindset of a successful trader. How the wrong temperament will sink you faster than the Titanic.  How checking your emotions at the door can make you fabulously wealthy.
  • Overcoming the two major barriers in trading.
  • Reading stock and options charts like a seasoned pro.
  • How to ”virtual-trade” with absolutely no risk until you master the principles.
  • Finding the right stocks to trade.  There are tens of thousands of stocks to trade, but only a handful each week make my cut.  And, when you find them, they go through another round of testing.
  • Pinpointing when to buy and sell stocks or stock options. There’s no “guessing” with my system.
  • Nipping losses in the bud, and locking in massive profits.
  • Using leverage to magnify your gains.
  • Precise money management skills.
  • Choosing the right brokerage and avoiding excessive fees.
  • Where to locate free resources.
  • How to master my time-tested, end-of-day stock and
  • options trading strategy in 10 minutes a day.


A Powerful Investment in Your Future


When you invest in my courses, not only will you get the information that's made mega-millions for me and for others, but you become my student, and I become your personal stock-trading mentor.  My students can call me with their questions and for my trading advice.  That's invaluable because you’ll have my experience at your disposal.


The investment for my stock and options trading seminar is $3,995, and I guarantee it. 


And, one more thing...  I’ve taught hundreds.  So, I know that when students follow my system, it is remarkably repeatable. 




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If you have further questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to call Peggy at 813-924-2255. 



Yours in wealth,



Rick Warner, D.C.


P.S. You can start learning today! My material is online.  And, if you invest in the online courses, you can attend one of my live seminars for free.  The online courses have the same information as will be taught at the live seminars.


Please don’t let the volatility of the market in the last two years frighten you away from taking personal charge of your financial destiny.  In fact, the recent economic turmoil should inspire you to get the knowledge that may help you profit wildly using sound, repeatable checklists.  There’s always a “Bull Market” somewhere.  Like me, many of my clients have made extraordinary gains during this recession (in fact, recessions are terrifically profitable events for smart traders).


P.P.S. Guess what?  I’m so confident that you’ll benefit from my course that I guarantee it.  After you take my course online (and/or attend my seminar), and are unhappy, I'll work with you until you double your investment in my course.


P.P.P.S. Wealth is a family affair.  My students are welcome to bring their spouses to the seminars. I have to limit any live seminar to just 20 students and their spouses.



Disclaimer - Stock market trading has inherent risks, such as loss of capitol.  Results vary, and nothing in this offer should be construed as a guarantee of results.  © 2011